Habit Tracker Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Habit Tracker Ideas For Bullet Journal

The path to success is paved by good habits. A good way to form good habits is a habit tracker.

If you're more a visual than a verbal person, you can check out our habit tracker video on YouTube.


What is it?

A habit tracker is essentially where you list down the habits you want to make or break and make a cross for every day that you’ve successfully done it. It’s a form of measurement that you can see, take action upon and make improvement on yourself.


Why habit tracker?

A habit tracker, when used regularly, can make your life easier. The basics of it is for you to cultivate good habits and break habits. In the long run, these habits will turn into a routine. And voila! That’s how you keep your life in order.

Another thing that usually goes unmentioned is that a habit tracker is a good form of record that you can refer to, especially on health matters.


What to track

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started on your habit tracker, covering your well-being, household, personal, work and school:



  • Sleep
  • Floss
  • Workout
  • No sugar
  • No carb
  • Water intake
  • Period
  • No snack
  • Meditate
  • Fruits intake
  • 8 Hours of Sleep
  • Breakfast
  • 10,000 Steps
  • No smoking
  • Migraine
  • Keto diet
  • Supplement food

Work / School

  • Sketch
  • Track progress on a project
  • Finish a project
  • Make sales
  • Revise
  • Assignment


  • Grocery shopping
  • Stay within budget
  • Tidy Up
  • Laundry
  • Meal Prep
  • Water the plants


  • Call Parents
  • Call a friend
  • Me-time
  • Read
  • Eat-in
  • Online course

There are endless possibilities here but don’t stress yourself! Pick a few and work on them for a few months. When you feel like you’ve successfully turn them into a routine, only then you move on to the next few habits that you wanna change.


How to track

The Monthly Method

Habit Tracker Ideas For Bullet Journal

The monthly overview is one of few common ways to track your habit. It’s pretty straightforward. All you need to do is list down the dates of the month on a side and the habits you want to track on another. Then, make a cross for every day you did a habit. As for water consumption, you can instead write down how many glasses you’ve drunk each day.

The Weekly Method

Habit Tracker Ideas For Bullet Journal

Another common tracker is the weekly habit tracker. Instead of listing down the days of the month, you list down the days of the week on your weekly spread. The downside of this is that you have to draw the columns every week. However, that means that you can always change things every week. It is also space saving compared to the monthly habit tracker. The same, make a cross each day or put down a number on your habits.

The Space-saving Method

Habit Tracker Ideas For Bullet Journal

The last method is one that can save you time and space. The key to this is… the key! All you need is to make a few different symbols for each habits that you want to track. By putting down several months’ of habits on a single spread, you can compare your progress for each month and adjust yourself.


Whichever style you decide to use, we hope that your life will turn better by starting from making and breaking habits. All the best amigos!

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