Prosper in Twofolds: Earthy Elegance & Fiery Fun

Prosper in Twofolds: Earthy Elegance & Fiery Fun

Hey there! Can you feel the excitement for the Lunar New Year? Our beloved tradition continues with a special series for the majestic Wood Dragon. From the Year of the Boar to the Year of the Rabbit, each zodiac brings its own unique charm. Now, in our sixth year, the Wood Dragon inspires our designs with the energy of growth, strength, and renewal.


We had very little time to spare so we were hunched down on our notebooks, doodling away and writing up ideas. Looking back on our sketches now, they can look quite fearsome (like an angry mother or wife, or…you get it), but we were trying our best to put a friendly smile to it. We love our wordplays and adding little surprises to our designs, so we also played around with the serpent-like body, twisting and turning them, cleverly concealing 20 & 24.

Color Scheme

In between fine-tuning our sketches, we were also flipping through our Pantones swatches. Earthy colours were without a doubt the choice to go, as we have a Wood Dragon on our hands but we also wanted a pop of colour (you know since CNY is traditionally exciting). Luckily, our notes on auspicious blessings (“和樂龍龍” & “龙华富贵”) to accompany our money packet design came in handy and it gave us the juice we needed to FINALLY decide on our colours — earthy brown and fluorescent orange. They were like colours of the rising sun, a perfect natural backdrop to our playful twin dragons.

Gold Stamping

We were close to dotting the i's and crossing the t’s, now that the colours and sketch were almost done up with all the smaller intricate details, ready to lay on the armour of dragon scales (our newest bold experiment). But, little did we know, it turned out to be a bigger hurdle. We had our shiny golden samples in hand for the scales and was excited and ready to try out different combinations. Look at those wild pattern of samples, so many choices.


However, as it turns out, it wasn’t easy to get the gold to properly adhere to a velvety soft touch surface. Peeling and incomplete speckles of the gold were set to be problem. But, after a few more tweaks and testing, we had our boys ready to shine and soar (hats off to our production heroes).

Here ends our little story time. From the ashes of perished gold, our pride and joy comes in 10 money envelopes of two colour-ways. It was a ‘long’ winding journey full of twists and turns, to finish this project but we’re grateful it turned out pretty gorgeous, if we dare say so ourselves. So, don’t forget to snatch them up and send it to your friends or family, or better yet keep it as your own personal collection. Till the our next surprise~ 祝大家龍華富貴, 慶豐年! 和樂龍龍, 過好年

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