Sincerity at the Heart of Raya

Sincerity at the Heart of Raya

As Ramadan has come to an end and Raya is here for yet another year, we can’t help but feel grateful and humbled by all the heartfelt gestures and nostalgia the season brings. This was especially true when one’s eyes wandered through their grandparent’s home looking for ideas for this Raya collection.

If you are lucky enough to either live, or have yearly, or even regular visits to an old family home, then you know how it is. Do handmade lace tablecloths, weathered floor tiles, crackle-glazed flower vases seem familiar to you? Some might find the decor tacky for this day and age but others might find it to be a comforting familiarity. And that is precisely what we hope to bringing back this Raya — an old familiar sanctuary.

Paying homage to a traditional Kampung vibe, we decided to mix nature and geometric patterns, both of which are known to be prominent in Malay architecture and designs. Befitting our theme this year, the Bunga Champaka, that symbolises our closeness to nature and the joy of simplicity in life, was chosen as part of the design motif. Just like a basket of flowers, weaves of checkered green were laid as a background to complement the flowers.

As we were about to wrap up the designs for print, we could not help but feel something was missing to complete the collection. Thinking back on our past designs that were centred around family reunions and homecoming, we decided to add an extra unsuspecting element to our Raya packet this year - A letter envelope.

Although pigeons are known to be associated with letters, we decided on our local Burung Murai to be the decorated companion to our second unsuspecting design. Let’s not just cherish little things; we should cherish people too! And let’s face it, some things are better conveyed with words. So, this is us giving you a reason to write a letter or send a small token with our ‘envelope’ Raya packet.

Here at Summorie, we are always stirring the pot to inspire people to appreciate the simple things and people in their life. Letters might seem unconventional these days, but we think it is still a timeless expression of sincerity and a personal gesture to keep in touch or show someone that you care. Hope this inspired you, take care and Selamat Hari Raya!

Team Summorie

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