Women Inspire Women #2: Helen Tan

Hello beautiful, welcome to the second edition of Women Inspire Women! In this issue, we have Helen Tan, the cofounder behind Doublewoot, a mom-of-two, wife of Chun Woei (Founder of Urban-Cr3atures) for #SheBlooms interview.

How would you describe your typical day?

My typical day would be waking up at 7am, prepping my kids to school, then starting off with a short workout session, and checking my emails. Most of my day are attending to ad hoc customer feedbacks, attending meetings, shooting marketing videos, managing our e-commerce website and then fetching the kids from school, prepping them for dinner. Then back to work and finishing up all the unfinished tasks and end my day with short planning for the next day.

What do you love and hate about running a business?

What I love most about running a business is of course the freedom to do what I love, that is fashion. What I hate or less favoured would be managing the financial part of the business, and that I have my mom , who is the Financial Controller to handle it.

How do you recover from burnout?

I sleep! Normally I just sleep or listen to music, and of course, talking to my sister Heliene and people who I trust. I like to travel and of course my kids are always my stress reliever. :)

That you can never stop thinking about work.

How do you overcome creative obstacles?

Well, for me personally, I try to relax my mind by watching movies, or music, and what I love most are travelling. That’s the time I get to recharge my mind and soul.

What is the one thing you needed help most back then when you first started the business? And where did you seek help?

Being an entrepreneur especially in fashion, there have been a lot of roadblocks and struggles such as keeping the brand relevant, or keeping it profitable or even providing value to our customers. I’m very lucky that I started the business with my sister Heliene, normally she is the person who I go to first when I face any roadblocks and braindrain.

And here you go. We hope you find this inspiring! Check out Doublewoot's new collection. We are undoubtedly in love with Dahuzeros Dress and Dekise Jumpsuit! 😍

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