Women Inspire Women #3: Kay Chow

Women Inspire Women #3: Kay Chow

Hello beautiful, it’s International Women’s Day! And we’re back with our third edition of Women Inspire Women. In this issue, we speak to Kay Chow, Managing Director of Dressing Paula, for #SheBlooms interview.

Can you share a pivotal moment in your journey that taught you something important?

During the pandemic, there were months when I was completely burnt out from worrying about the business and our teammates, not knowing when the light at the end of the tunnel was coming. The team rallied and stayed with me, making sure the business would continue even when i was not able to. This taught me to trust the work family around you and let go, and not feel like you have to do this alone.

Balancing professional commitments with personal passions and self-care can be challenging. How do you manage them?

I don’t think I do it very well. I enjoy my work, but I try not to say no to myself when I want to do something for fun or relaxation.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, is there any woman who has profoundly inspired or influenced you on your journey?

My mum! She's the hardest worker I know. People used to underestimate her, but she comes out on top every single time. My girlfriends all inspire me; they are strong women who live life to the fullest, both professionally and personally. The energy rubs off on you.

Is there a particular quote or mantra that keeps you motivated and focused? 

Think big. Start small. Learn fast.

What are your future business goals, and how do you plan to continue making a positive impact as a female entrepreneur?

Business with a purpose has always been my goal. We can make money and do good at the same time; it doesn't have to be in silos. We will continue to bring forward the message that as women, we should invest in ourselves. When we do, the world is a better place.

Since 2022, Dressing Paula has been collaborating with Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) to raise awareness and funds towards women’s rights and protection in Malaysia. Inspired by their continuous efforts, we decided to help support the cause too!

Teaming up with Dressing Paula, we created a special notebook bundle which echos Dressing Paula’s theme this year with the WAO — Women are Fundamental. Words can be empowering. So ladies, it’s time to refocus and start putting pen to paper to the words that resonate and motivates with you!

And here you go. We hope you find this inspiring! Check out Women Up Bundle, our special notebook bundle, created in partnership with Dressing Paula. With every purchase, you're contributing to the vital work of the Women's Aid Organisation, helping women reclaim their power and voice. 😍

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