This is Summorie: a sum of good times and better things to come.

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Just when you thought your stationery couldn’t get any cooler.

Pockets for your knick-knack? ​Right on the front.

Quality lasting sheets? ​100gsm thick.

Open flat? ​Always will.

Is that all? ​Far from it.

Miscellaneous Cools

The best things in life often happen when we least expect. That’s what happened to us in 2019. No longer was a notebook a mere ledger for tedious errands and mundane tasks. For us, it has transformed into great wonder and missions to accomplish. Not to mention a world of possibilities.

Inspired, we armed ourselves with this humble (but serious) mission to make the best notebooks and stationeries ever.

Summorie. What a pleasant surprise. A sum of good times and better things to come.


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